Steps to Requesting a Refund

Before requesting a refund, please be absolutely sure you are ready to do so, as refunds are non-reversible.

If you do decide that Vidoyo  is not for you, to ensure the most efficient processing of your refund, we ask that you email our  Support Team and specify:

  • The email address you used to purchase your membership
  • Whether you are looking for a full refund on all of your purchases, a partial refund for one purchase or a specific purchase credited back to your account.

If we are unable to locate your payment, we will reply with a request for additional information. 

Please Note: All refund requests will be honored, so long as they are sent within 14 days of your initial purchase date. However, there will not be exceptions to this guideline, in accordance with our 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee that you agreed to upon completion of your transactions. 

Refunds After 14 Days

Generally, we do not provide refunds after 14 days.

We are completely transparent with our refund policy and include that information in our Terms of Service and within our Support Center, so you are fully educated from the time of purchase.

We offer a full 14 Day no-strings-attached refund period because we believe in our product.  We also know it takes time to get set up and learn the ins and outs of the system.  We provide training and support to help with any questions or issues which  enables  members to make the most of their purchases.  Based on that, we do feel that 14 days is a reasonable amount of time for anyone to determine whether this is a good fit for them or not. Outside of extreme circumstances, we will not honor a refund after the  14-day  mark has passed. 

Please Note: After 30 days, our system no longer allows refunds. If you request a refund after 30 days because of an extreme 
Circumstance, we will be entirely unable to honor the request simply because our system blocks us from being able to do so. 


I Changed My Mind - I No Longer Want a Refund

We pride ourselves in exceptionally quick response time to requests, especially refunds!  While we do make sure to note that refunds are not reversible once they're processed, we understand that things can change between the time of the request and when you decide a refund isn't the best option for you.

Unfortunately, once we receive your request, we have most likely immediately processed the refund back to your account and will notify you when this has been completed. You can respond to the email thread letting us know that you have changed your mind - however, we cannot promise that the refund has not been credited back already. 

Please Note: Should a situation arise where a refund has been processed, but you have changed your mind, our best suggestion is re-purchasing the access you were refunded for.

I Requested a Refund, But Have Not Received it 

Once your refund has been processed, a confirmation message will be sent to you by our support team.

If you requested a refund but did not receive this confirmation, please make sure that this message was not sent to a different email of yours. Also, be sure to check your spam/junk folders. If you are still unable to find the confirmation, please email our support team with the subject line "Refund Follow-Up".

After a refund is processed, the funds usually appear back in your account immediately, however, please allow 3-5 business days for processing to complete.

If 5 business days have passed, but the funds have still not been received, please be sure you have not filed a dispute for the purchase. If there is an active dispute on file, PayPal will freeze the funds and PayKickStart nor Vidoyo Support can complete the refund. Disputed funds may only be received if the customer who filed the dispute, closes it. Click through to learn how to close a resolved dispute.

If you have trouble receiving the funds after closing a dispute, you may also want to reach out to PayPal for account assistance. Their Customer Support page can be found here  .

Please Note: Once Vidoyo Support processes the refund, the funds are no longer accessible to us and we do not play any role in the timing of them being dispersed.